2015.03.29 – Budaörsi Kopárok


A túra útvonala

???????????????????????Túra adatai: http://www.teljesitmenyturazoktarsasaga.hu/tura?id=5792
Képes beszámoló megtekintése itt.

A Budai-hegyeket betéve ismerem. Gondoltam ezt egészen a Budaörsi Kopárok túráig. A túra a Budaörs közelében található kopasz hegyeket mutatta be. És pont ennyivel nyújtott többet és újat számomra. A családbarát túra mindenki számára követhető volt, rengeteg szalagozás segítette.

Az ellenőrzőpontokon az iskola tanulói pecsételtek nekünk. Egy-két ismerőssel is találkoztam, beszélgettem, így a futásnak tervezett túra gyaloglássá változott.

A táv kitalálása (10,20, 20+10) során gondolkodtam el azon, van-e értelme ilyennek. Én arra jutottam, mivel a 10 km ugyanazt az útvonalat járja be (egy mészkőbányát nem érintett a 20-as táv), így én nem akartam a hosszabb távot megtenni.

Végezzünk közvélemény-kutatást:


Running / Margitszigeti kör

Betéve ismert Margitszigeten köröztem egyet, leginkább futottam. Jól esett. Szép kitűző volt és meglepő módon hamar végeztem 🙂

/ Morning running in Margareth Island. It was also a short trail so I completed it. Fast and nice one.

Margareth Bridge and the Parlament.

The Earth-man

I’m participating in a course at Coursera.com Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade this post made because of it, but it is not as simply as that: The second task was to write down ten verbs and adverbs and couple of sentences. Since I feel inspired I made the same as before, wrote an other story from ten verbs and adverbs. 

Verbs: occupy, release, love, wound, gnaw,  roar, whisper, hang, hide, close
Adverbs: slowly, furiously, suddenly, quietly, closely, strongly, deeply, wisely, quickly, lovely

PS: Well I have to admit after I finished writing the story, I recognised that I turned some verbs into adjectives/nouns, hope it is still acceptable. I have to say I like the story. What are you thinking what it is about, what’s the meaning of it for you?

Here is the story:

Somewhere deeply below the surface, there is a huge cave. This place is dark, the small black bats are always gnawing a rotten rodent. The cave is filled with rock-thorns, there are a lot which were more than three meter high. If you look between those thorns closely you will discover there is a cage hanging on a strong steel chain. In the cage there is man, if you notice him, he probably will try to hide. He is always wounded and fears. You couldn’t tell since when is he locked in there. Sometimes he roars strongly, but deep down there, there is no one able to hear him. He was once a real man, now just a shadow, locked in strongly with magic.

When he was young he was full with love and hope. He whispered closely to the humanity: I love you. He wanted to bring down the moon. He thought his life was perfect. One day a black-haired beautiful woman appeared next to him. She made a cloud before his eyes, he felt in love. As time passed slowly and quietly the black women occupied the man’s hearth. She ruled him. This happened so quickly no one really recognised it. Only few human were able to whispered into his ears:

  • Tell me what’s wrong, we can solve any problem wisely.

These humans were too patient. One day they repeated the question, and then they got the answer. The man answered furiously:

  • None of your business, you better release me, I don’t love you any more.

He tossed away his former love, humanity, the few humans were crying quietly. The man left the building and found his black-haired love.

He wasn’t recognised that that what this witch wanted. The lovely black-haired woman was an evil creature. When the man told to the woman that he left his former love and want to marry her, the pretty face suddenly changed into an ugly smiling monster. She quickly locked deep down the man into the cave and she locked his soul in the cage. When the witch wants to eat she comes down to the man and cuts out a small peace from his soul.

Somewhere deeply down, below the surface, there is a huge cave. Between the huge rock-thorns there is a cage. In it a man asking for help quietly. He is crying and hoping, but his prayer barely touching people hearth. The soul of the earth is locked deep down and he is wounded and fears, that humanity will kill him. But beware, because, deeply down he is collecting his strength, he knows humanity sent the black-haired women. He is patient, but once he will break out, no one will survive his anger…


The robber

I’m participating in a course at Coursera.com Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade this post made because of it, but it is not as simply as that: The main task was is to write down 10 nouns and 10 adjectives. As a writer I wanted more, so I wrote a story around it.

Nouns: stamp, pen, glass, table, water, music, speech, plants, home, woman
Adjectives: blue, darkness, transparent, sputtering, loud, tuneful, green, sad, dreamy  

And here is the story:

She raised her hand and slapped on the table. She repeated it again and again. The hand was dirty, the blue ink covered it everywhere. The woman in the post office was alone. She made the monotone work, used the stamp to validate the letters, without noticing there was already late. Everywhere around was dark. The woman suddenly stopped her work, picked up a pen, and wrote down a word on a small paper. She have taken the paper and put it in his pocket and stood up. In the darkness she moved across the building. She was sad, because she couldn’t hear a tuneful music, meaningless speeches or spluttering papers. The post office was waiting. Suddenly the woman saw a shadow. A robber have broken the big window, there was glass everywhere. He was wearing a transparent stocking and he was behind the green plant, a hibiscus tree. The woman noticed him, she was not afraid, she was old enough to seen so many robbers, so she really could tell what kind of robber he was. She moved thought the darkness with a dreamy face to the hibiscus tree and sad in a loud and aggressive temper:

–          You’re late Gardener, plant was already watered, you better go and leave the place.

The young boy who was the robber got afraid. This was the first time he ever tried to rob out a place. When he recognised what was he doing he felt himself guilty and stupid. The young boy turned around and tried to go home, but the old woman caught his hand, so he wasn’t able to escape. The woman have taken out the small paper from his pocket, and handed it to the robber. The young boy was confused a little bit but accepted the paper.

The woman released the boy hand and turned around, walked to home. The fallen robber looked back all time, he was afraid he will meet with someone, but he wasn’t, he arrived successfully under the bridge, where his home was.

He nearly forgot the paper, but he realised that he was still holding it in his hand. He opened it slowly and read the only word, that was written on it with big capitals: BELIEVE…


The woman on the side of the roadway

The idea came, when I was cycling. I saw a woman crossing the road. She was trapped halfway. From that time, like poison this story wanted to be born. It wanted something from me. I even  couldn’t go to sleep. So It is real fresh, but I have done it.

She stood there, on the very edge of the roadway. Her long curly hair were blowing in the wind of the passing cars. If you looked in her face you could see sadness. Her brown eyes used to be a gem, but now you can read hopelessness and crying, without tears. None of the car drivers none of the few walkers around seemed to notice the woman. She stood there and waited timelessly.

The young Charles was a handsome man, with true empathy and vitality. He was clever and tall. His black hair and barely visible moustache were happy, as the whole man was. This young man was an explorer of the world. He liked to walk and just think or watch the crowd. Once he headed on the road, he never had been before. He was watching the cars.

“Toyota Corolla” “Volkswagen Golf”…-he thought.

He had the profession telling what kind of car he saw, so he played this childish game alone until he realized the woman. He never ever saw such a beautiful woman before, he was afraid that she would hurt if he stood so closely to the road, so he walked to her and asked:

– Sorry my lady, but it’s better to move backward a bit, a car may hurt you.


The woman didn’t answer, not even move. When Charles tried to touch her wrist, his hand moved through her body, and landed next to his own thigh. He was so surprised. All of a sudden he felt fear:. “It’s a ghost” – thought and he ran and didn’t stop until he reached his family home.

The next morning the weather was crying. Charles remembered the woman and he saw, the weather was as sad as that ghost. So he got a plan, and decided to visit her. He packed up all his bravery and raincoat, and headed to the road. As he thought nothing changed. The woman stood there, and mumbled. He didn’t realize it yesterday, but now he tried to listen to it. He stood there so long time that his shoes got wet. His patience was successful, he was able to listen what the woman said. It was a poem, which was repeated over and over again:

He can’t see me more,
can’t hurt me more.
I can’t love him either,
he’s gone with the darker.

But I own the existence,
Mine is the pain
I’ll step down the road
Again, again, again.

She didn’t make that step, but Charles knew she definitely did it once. Since the man couldn’t reach the woman, he tried to speak to her and apologise:

– Sorry young lady for my further behaviour. I was scared first, but I  want to help you. Why are you so sad? What happened to you? Why did you kill yourself on this road?

There was still no answer but the rain stopped. Charles barley even remembered how long he had been there, but the day after tomorrow he came again, but it ended with same result. He decided, that he would not give up. So he brought flowers to the lady, told her stories from his past. He also brought a newspaper and romantic books, read to her. And in one day the woman turned to her head to him. She looked sad, but she was beautiful, even if she was dead. She whispered, hardly, and slowly, and some fear from her voice:

– What do you want from me? You want to laugh at me, or trow stones at me! Do it! I can’t feel them now, I’m just a soul of a long-time forgotten body.


Charles was surprised but satisfied. He got the spirit to talk. He said:

– No my lady, I would never do that. What I want is to listen to your story, and if it possible see your smile.


– Why should I smile to you, when no one cares about me? Why do you want to know what happened to me? – asked the lady accusingly.

– I believe you have to smile at you, I know I can learn and give towards your story, so no other poor woman will make the same mistake. – answered Charles.


– They do this over and over again. Man or woman, never learning from histories, they don’t even realize sadness, poverty and don’t even believe in ghosts.


– But I do.


– Well than, I’ll tell you my story if you promise me something. After I finished it, you’ll go away and you’ll never ask me again other silly questions.


– I agree to your terms, tell me please, what happened to your life?


– I’ve got a beautiful life, and a happy childhood, until my father died. When he passed, I couldn’t forget him, I was sad, like now I am all the time. Two years after my father’s death I met a handsome gentleman, Warn. We fell in love at first sight. We laughed and cried together a lot, slowly I could forget my loss, and I felt happy again. After living together for ten years he came home from his job and told me: “You are so strange to me, who are you? What happened to my love? We are too different I can’t stay by your side anymore.” It came all of a sudden, he didn’t let me to answer or react. I wanted to know what happened to him, why he said that. I followed him like a spy, but I wish I never saw what I did. He was kissing a black haired woman, who came from a wealthier family. I could hear him telling her the same promises and compliments. I came to this place, I threw myself in front of a train… You’ve got what you’ve asked for. Now leave me alone.


Charles looked into the woman sad eyes, and he wanted to hug her, since he couldn’t done that, so he put a simple white flower to the ground and said:

– This is yours for the story, thank you. As I promised I’ll not ask you, just tell you one thing. You’re not alone, and you’re not a strange alien. I wanted to take care of you and help you, I wanted to save you. I believe you aren’t alone and not even strange or different. You’re just lonely and broken hearted, and you deserve some care and kindness, as all human does.


The woman turned her face back to the road. She didn’t answer, but started to mumble:

He can’t see me more,
can’t hurt me more.
But I can still have love,
I can have care.

I own the trust,
Mine is the flower
I’ll step down the road
it will end again.

The woman stepped off the edge of the roadway, a Peugeot wade through her soul. The apparition disappeared. Charles watched over the whole scene. He was able to saw the woman, she looked down and smiled to him one last time…


The Beast

Ok. I tell the story shortly and clearly. This idea came, when I heard a couple making love. The woman seems not liked the idea, but she was the louder at the end. Since I could not sleep, I wrote this:

                As the antelope runs from his life from the lion so did the woman from her persecutor. The beast ran faster than the wind, but he was unable to reach the woman. She was scared, her hearth were pounding hard, her clothes, which was a light nightshirt, were split. Her uncovered legs were bitten by stinging-nettle. The beast started to catch up the running beauty, slowly but continuously. First when she felt down, she saw her love. Whatever she tried were pointless, could not save him. This was the time when she saw the beast, who sliced the women clothes into two parts. What’s happening, where am I? What this evil thing wants from me, why now and here? Whatever she tried, were not able to refuse, the beast knew what she wanted, he read from her mind. The devil tried to pull her closer to his body, the woman tried to escape, with no hope. On a sudden lucky second she caught a wood root, and tried to pull herself away, but the devil  still came closer and closer, the woman could felt the sweat . On her last try, she were able to escape from the devil’s claws , just in the right time, if she could not do that, would be the prisoner of the devil forever. The beast roared, but finished following the woman.

…After that the two person separated, the woman moaned one last time. She embraced and kissed her love then stretched out on the bed, she smiled and where totally satisfied…