Learing to live

We are not alone,
You are not the only star,
Even if we feel like that way,
There is the whole milk way.

We are not the one,
Who needs better life.
Learn to change your mood,
Be a Robin Hood.

Learn, how to be happy,
Try to smile and help,
Love with hearth,
The World is on your part.



Poem from the white side

I have to believe: I’ll feel this again, someday.


Where kisses lays,
You never scare.
I found my place,
I feel peace and grace.

When I see your eyes,
You hypnotised.
I need a look,
I can’t realise.

I smell you sweet,
My heart stomping deep.
You gave me a smile
The ice melting my scars.

I just need you, touch your hand,
I just need a kiss, long island.
I just want fondle you forever,
Forget there is a word: Never.