Poem about keep your motivation, and helping others.


Learing to live

We are not alone, You are not the only star, Even if we feel like that way, There is the whole milk way. We are not the one, Who needs better life. Learn to change your mood, Be a Robin Hood. Learn, how to be happy, Try to smile and help, Love with hearth, The... Bővebben →

Hold on!

You're there. You hail. You breed. You kneel. I touch. I tell. I need. I'm well. We are, We say, We hug, We pray. They want, They use, They don't get what is ours! (2013)

The Book

There is a miracle in every single page, If I can't not read I will rage. There is and evil, who will suffer, There is a love, what is matter. Books are my home all my imagination, When I dream, I have all my emotion I can find my love, I can be the hero... Bővebben →

The breakout

I kept this lines in my notebook, I waited, if there is something more in it, but it seems that's it.   Deep down in the field, a weak struggling seed. what I have planted, gave water what she need. Growing so slowly, but she breaks out. shows that she lives, asking for sun and life about.... Bővebben →

Just other poems

I was walking on the street, when these poems appeared. Hope you'll enjoy. Believe   I believe, there's beauty, Beyond the wrinkle. Even your face dark, There's light, an angel. I believe, there's treasure, A smile is a measure. Because if there's none, Nothing is pleasure. I believe, there's miracle, as quick as a thunder.... Bővebben →

Poem from the white side

I have to believe: I'll feel this again, someday. Love Where kisses lays, You never scare. I found my place, I feel peace and grace. When I see your eyes, You hypnotised. I need a look, I can't realise. I smell you sweet, My heart stomping deep. You gave me a smile The ice melting... Bővebben →

The Retired Genie

I lived through thousands of wars I have seen little peace But I can't stay longer, In my eyes tears For more than A thousand years My ear ate what you thought, I tell you they don't care, They're suffering rough. I'll die and you'll be alone, I'll leave you in the dark. Now you... Bővebben →

Two dark poem from a nightmare

The Widow There's cry in the window, O my dear widow. Upon the hill a shrine, With a name underline. Beyond a tree, upon the dark, A shadow creature came alive The widow mumble the same story, You can hear from history When the moon is upon the sky, The widow tells when and why,... Bővebben → ingyenes honlap vagy saját honlap létrehozása. , Anders Noren fejlesztésében.

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