The Earth-man

I’m participating in a course at Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade this post made because of it, but it is not as simply as that: The second task was to write down ten verbs and adverbs and couple of sentences. Since I feel inspired I made the same as before, wrote an other story from ten verbs and adverbs. 

Verbs: occupy, release, love, wound, gnaw,  roar, whisper, hang, hide, close
Adverbs: slowly, furiously, suddenly, quietly, closely, strongly, deeply, wisely, quickly, lovely

PS: Well I have to admit after I finished writing the story, I recognised that I turned some verbs into adjectives/nouns, hope it is still acceptable. I have to say I like the story. What are you thinking what it is about, what’s the meaning of it for you?

Here is the story:

Somewhere deeply below the surface, there is a huge cave. This place is dark, the small black bats are always gnawing a rotten rodent. The cave is filled with rock-thorns, there are a lot which were more than three meter high. If you look between those thorns closely you will discover there is a cage hanging on a strong steel chain. In the cage there is man, if you notice him, he probably will try to hide. He is always wounded and fears. You couldn’t tell since when is he locked in there. Sometimes he roars strongly, but deep down there, there is no one able to hear him. He was once a real man, now just a shadow, locked in strongly with magic.

When he was young he was full with love and hope. He whispered closely to the humanity: I love you. He wanted to bring down the moon. He thought his life was perfect. One day a black-haired beautiful woman appeared next to him. She made a cloud before his eyes, he felt in love. As time passed slowly and quietly the black women occupied the man’s hearth. She ruled him. This happened so quickly no one really recognised it. Only few human were able to whispered into his ears:

  • Tell me what’s wrong, we can solve any problem wisely.

These humans were too patient. One day they repeated the question, and then they got the answer. The man answered furiously:

  • None of your business, you better release me, I don’t love you any more.

He tossed away his former love, humanity, the few humans were crying quietly. The man left the building and found his black-haired love.

He wasn’t recognised that that what this witch wanted. The lovely black-haired woman was an evil creature. When the man told to the woman that he left his former love and want to marry her, the pretty face suddenly changed into an ugly smiling monster. She quickly locked deep down the man into the cave and she locked his soul in the cage. When the witch wants to eat she comes down to the man and cuts out a small peace from his soul.

Somewhere deeply down, below the surface, there is a huge cave. Between the huge rock-thorns there is a cage. In it a man asking for help quietly. He is crying and hoping, but his prayer barely touching people hearth. The soul of the earth is locked deep down and he is wounded and fears, that humanity will kill him. But beware, because, deeply down he is collecting his strength, he knows humanity sent the black-haired women. He is patient, but once he will break out, no one will survive his anger…



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