The robber

I’m participating in a course at Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade this post made because of it, but it is not as simply as that: The main task was is to write down 10 nouns and 10 adjectives. As a writer I wanted more, so I wrote a story around it.

Nouns: stamp, pen, glass, table, water, music, speech, plants, home, woman
Adjectives: blue, darkness, transparent, sputtering, loud, tuneful, green, sad, dreamy  

And here is the story:

She raised her hand and slapped on the table. She repeated it again and again. The hand was dirty, the blue ink covered it everywhere. The woman in the post office was alone. She made the monotone work, used the stamp to validate the letters, without noticing there was already late. Everywhere around was dark. The woman suddenly stopped her work, picked up a pen, and wrote down a word on a small paper. She have taken the paper and put it in his pocket and stood up. In the darkness she moved across the building. She was sad, because she couldn’t hear a tuneful music, meaningless speeches or spluttering papers. The post office was waiting. Suddenly the woman saw a shadow. A robber have broken the big window, there was glass everywhere. He was wearing a transparent stocking and he was behind the green plant, a hibiscus tree. The woman noticed him, she was not afraid, she was old enough to seen so many robbers, so she really could tell what kind of robber he was. She moved thought the darkness with a dreamy face to the hibiscus tree and sad in a loud and aggressive temper:

–          You’re late Gardener, plant was already watered, you better go and leave the place.

The young boy who was the robber got afraid. This was the first time he ever tried to rob out a place. When he recognised what was he doing he felt himself guilty and stupid. The young boy turned around and tried to go home, but the old woman caught his hand, so he wasn’t able to escape. The woman have taken out the small paper from his pocket, and handed it to the robber. The young boy was confused a little bit but accepted the paper.

The woman released the boy hand and turned around, walked to home. The fallen robber looked back all time, he was afraid he will meet with someone, but he wasn’t, he arrived successfully under the bridge, where his home was.

He nearly forgot the paper, but he realised that he was still holding it in his hand. He opened it slowly and read the only word, that was written on it with big capitals: BELIEVE…



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