The third task – Analyse visual image

Course name: English Composition I: Achieving Expertise.

The third task was to analyse a visual image. It seems I failed a little bit because I wrote more about my argument.

Humam knowledge is one of the most important we have to save in order to stay alive. From very long time ago elder people gave towards they knowledge to the younger ones. As time past Europe getting older. William H. Frey said Euope age will increase from 37.7 old in 2203 to 52.3 years old by 2050. The younger generation have to grow up suddenly. They need to know everything what the elder knew and everything new what came since then. There is also a big wall between childrens and adults. Childrens play they imagination, they are creative, they want to get in touch with everyting. The adults are more rationalist, they already have they own path they seems decided where to go. They will go through that way and it is hard to change. Since too much things happens in the world adults needs to keep they knowledge up. Learning situation changed. Now the younger generation teaching olders as well. Why is that? It is because the new world is more technichial. We use everything in a computer. We use different kind of products depending on what we want to do.

That’s why one of the most common problem is the digital gap between young and adult. Nowaydays there are people who have to learn digital technology, and there are people who are digital natives. These people borned in a world using digital devices, they grew up using them. They are getting all kind of information from the internet so quickly that  it seems elder people knowledge are unneccecary. The question is not simply as that. As Coyle writing about deep practice, old people already practiced a lot. They are already profesisonal in a field, even if they don’t recognise it. These experts we need because you can’t solve every problem by a mashine.

There are something that can be learnd from the web, but there are a lot of knowledge can be learnd from elders. Computer don’t have experience. The users, who directing the computer will define what kind of experience s/he will get. The problem is with this the knowledge seems to be free. But Is the knowledge competent?

Childrend are alone in this digital world, lot of adults don’t have the digital competence to teach them, to secure them. It’s like learning from our mistakes. In the digital world there is not always a recoginisation of your mistake. If you get a virus, you can’t be sure where it came from.

„Generation Z” may have borned in a computerized world, but they are not expert in it. They have to learn by themselfs, because the digital world are so strange to the elder generation as well. Most of the time retired people try to avoid „modern technology”. That’s how digital gap borns.

As the generation grows, they learn the „old” knowledge and they already discovered a lot about the „new” digital knowledge. The problem is global I think. Not just the new generation are not perfect in digital world but older generation lacks the ability as well. Because in a quickly changing world it’s hard to follow, even harder to be expert in ewerything, expecially in digital world. But do you need to know everything?

I think you don’t have to know everything perfectly, you need to know as much as you need. The important is to use the digital world right, like the normal one, but if there are very few expert in digital world, how can you learn it correctly? There are a lot „old” things in the virtuality, since those program expired – and newer ones expirin even quicker – they hardly getting old. Compared to the living world digital world is changing faster, needs to followed and it needs our attention, if we leave it, will not stop to improve.

Living world is much older than virtual one, so we are using a bit better.


I made the picture above while I was riding on a bike. I was using my smart phone. This phone tracked my trip, told me where I am. While I used the digital products there was a reality next to me. I think this picture can symbolize my argument.

There is a pram simbolizing the children, the young generation. On the other edge of the picture there is an old men walking on a straight road. The pillar divide them, they are separated each other. There are lot grass and wood in the picture I simbolising for me that giving trough our knowledge cames from the nature.

When you recognise that the pram is empty, you can think that the old man is the child, who just grew up and he already knows so much as an experienced old man, and he is alone because he have to discover the world by himself

Expertise is nothing if you don’t follow the changes. You always have to practise and be open minded. If the two generation accepts the new roles, they want to learn, they willing to share they knolwedge digital gap will decrease. It’s important to be young and old at the same time, to teach and learn. If young generation won’t learn from olders we will lose all knowledge we already collected, these knowledge are still relevant in the real world, but if the older generation won’t learn from the younger one, they will miss job opportunities and information. Europe needs old and young people. Don’t let the digital gap draw a wall between them.

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