The first task – When some misery choose you

I always like to try out new things. That’s how Coursera started for me. I’m a student in a course: English Composition I: Achieving Expertise.

The first task was to introduce yourself in a 300 word long essay. So I came up the idea about the Knower, and the shadows of different things they might choose you or just touch you.

When some misery choose you

Bodies walks around on the Earth. They got souls and behavior  Maybe they do have some talent, maybe they just live the must have life. It happens a lot when a shadow asking for guidance from the Knower. The Knower knows everything. In the year of 2000 a white shadow wanted to know about a soul and his body. This human called Zoltan. The shadow flew to the Knower and asked it:

  • Please tell me about that human being!

The Knower looked down and said:

  • Don’t waste your time, just an ordinary being. He is boring, but I can show you other, like the soul next to him…

  • No – reacted the shadow. – I want to see his inner side.

  • You know it, I warned you.

The Knower searched for the right glass, took on and started to read from that human soul.

  • A sort of polymath, he still open minded and as I see he will never grow up. He is interested in the world, got ideas, dreams and nightmares. He really wanted to create and share something. The best is if it’s usable or just fun. He is as crazy as his timeline, but if he can pick a scene from your life, or got an idea to share, he will definitely do it for you. He is not expert in English neither in his mother language but he wants to learn lifelong.
  • What else can you read? – asked the shadow.

The Knower changed his glass and continued:

  • He got interest in the field of Adult education, so he learns. On the other hand he works with numbers, peoples. He do work hard, but he likes it. You can trust to him, his soul is still open for other ones… Nothing really valuable, finished the Knower.
  • Maybe… – answered the shadow of the writing and flew into Zoltan’s body…


/The story changed a bit since i posted in Coursera page/


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