Just other poems

I was walking on the street, when these poems appeared. Hope you’ll enjoy.

I believe, there’s beauty,
Beyond the wrinkle.
Even your face dark,
There’s light, an angel.

I believe, there’s treasure,
A smile is a measure.
Because if there’s none,
Nothing is pleasure.

I believe, there’s miracle,
as quick as a thunder.
Not everyone can see,
just if you wonder.

I believe there’s bad,
It have to be.
Where is no evil,
nothing good can be.

I believe there’s love,
endless, like the space,
If you’ll reach it,
You’ll die in grace.

Always just me,
I stand on the top of a tree.
I shout loud:

What I want,
What I need.
What I ask you to believe.
Always just me,
I shout from a cage.
My scream you can’t hear,
You think there’s no one near.

Selfishness, what we learn,
We just want to earn.
But we don’t care if in the apple
there’s a worm.

Always just me,
I can whisper it,
you’ll never hear,
from the edge of the world.

What I can do,
Selfishness ate humanity too!
They don’t hear a single ask,
They do important task.

Always just me,
Just me, just me.
But there are others,
Where you live:
“To be or not to be.”


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