The Beast

Ok. I tell the story shortly and clearly. This idea came, when I heard a couple making love. The woman seems not liked the idea, but she was the louder at the end. Since I could not sleep, I wrote this:

                As the antelope runs from his life from the lion so did the woman from her persecutor. The beast ran faster than the wind, but he was unable to reach the woman. She was scared, her hearth were pounding hard, her clothes, which was a light nightshirt, were split. Her uncovered legs were bitten by stinging-nettle. The beast started to catch up the running beauty, slowly but continuously. First when she felt down, she saw her love. Whatever she tried were pointless, could not save him. This was the time when she saw the beast, who sliced the women clothes into two parts. What’s happening, where am I? What this evil thing wants from me, why now and here? Whatever she tried, were not able to refuse, the beast knew what she wanted, he read from her mind. The devil tried to pull her closer to his body, the woman tried to escape, with no hope. On a sudden lucky second she caught a wood root, and tried to pull herself away, but the devil  still came closer and closer, the woman could felt the sweat . On her last try, she were able to escape from the devil’s claws , just in the right time, if she could not do that, would be the prisoner of the devil forever. The beast roared, but finished following the woman.

…After that the two person separated, the woman moaned one last time. She embraced and kissed her love then stretched out on the bed, she smiled and where totally satisfied…


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